Major characteristic of granit cubiform crushed stones produced by our factory:

Granit crushed stones fractions 5-20, 20-40, 40-70
Durability 1200 kg/sm2
fractions 5-20до 30%
fractions 20-40до 20%
Насыпная плотность
fractions 5-201,34
fractions 20-401,39
Frost-resistance F300
Ckass of radioactivity 1

Crushed cubiform stones are being produced in our factory on Sweden equipment by Svedala meet all the requirements of contemporary building materials. The equipments of Svedala company is maximum possible content of cubiformatic granules in our crushed stones according to maximum outcoming finished commodity and minimum losses of mining mass in ill-conditioned crushed-stone screenings as in Svedala's technology all the most up-to-day methords of increasing content of cubiformatic granules in crushed stones are presented.